Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plastic Candy Molds & Resin

I was trying out a little experiment using plastic candy molds and epoxy resin. I wanted to see if I could use these less costly molds with resin. As you can see the snowflakes turned out nicely, however; removing the resin from the molds was not an easy task.

Now maybe plastic candy & soap molds do work with epoxy resins when a mold release is used. I failed to use any sort of resin mold release. I don't want to test out my other snowflake candy mold with epoxy or polyester resin since that's the only mold I have left. The cured resin pieces stuck to the plastic candy mold and do NOT release very easily and also NOT after sticking them in the freezer. I had to use scissors and pliers to pull the plastic and cured resin apart.

Here's a picture of the ruined mold...

I'm really reluctant to try polyester resin (I've read that it shrinks a little when cured) in the plastic candy/soap molds because there's a heating reaction that speeds the curing time. When I was mixing the polyester resin in a plastic cup - the bottom of the cup melted and spilled all over my working space. Thankfully, I had my working space covered up.